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Arises with the professional vision of Claudio Tomio experienced in over 25 years in the Sanitary Metals market.

With this experience and determination, TR METAIS begins in 2007, always in constant progress and seeking for excellence in all our products.


Aiming at customers’ satisfaction the company operates in constant improvement in Elegance, Style and Technology in Sanitary Metals Market, offering a wide and complete line with varieties of products and accessories, including releases with innovative design.


TR METAIS has plants located in the cities of São Paulo and Campinas / SP.


The Commercial Area, Administration, Logistics, Installation, Testing, Packaging, Storage and Distribution, is concentrated in the city of Campinas / SP.


TR METAIS appreciates the excellent partnership and trade relations held since its existence until the present day, with demanding customers, faithful partners, committed to quality and always ensure the best products and services.


With personalized customer service and qualified employees in constantly training, TR METAIS is always renewing its commitment to total quality with customers, suppliers and partners.


Offer solutions in Sanitary Metals products with high quality and respect with the environment sustainability, creating value for shareholders, employees, customers and contributing to the quality of life.


Be a company recognized for providing innovative sustainable products, high quality focused on the customers.


Customers: Always keep the relationship with satisfaction and striving for continuous improvement.


Profit: Ensuring sustainable growth.


Personal: Ensuring human development always seeking respect and quality of life.


With experience in the Sanitary Metals industry, TR METAIS, have full knowledge of the needs of our customers and consumers, and in this way, offers all products with 12 years of warranty and a full line of replacement parts by giving full security support.


All TR METAIS’ products are manufactured following strict technical criteria and standards required and has trained and highly qualified professionals. All TR METAIS’ products are 100% tested, thus ensuring its quality.


See the warranty statement on the product package.



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